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Writefully Inspired

What in the World Does It Mean to Be “Writefully Inspired?”

I strive to do what I consider rightful – by passing on messages to inspire others.

What It’s Really Like to Be a Neurotic Mother

Editor’s Note:  Today’s Mother’s Day story is written a bit tongue in cheek.  It is our preference to write about others.  Nevertheless, we suspect our story may strike a chord for others. This is a story about a mother.   And, it might just sound a little more than auto-biographical.  Because …

stage mom

Behind the Scenes of a Stage Mom. (And, how to be ONE!)

I became a stage mom on June 7, 1992.   It was my daughter’s first solo.  Ironically, she was just in kindergarten. Even when she was a tot, I beamed when Chrissy hit the high notes.  As a matter of fact, because of her,  I led my first standing ovation.  I …


The Fine Art of Plagiarism and How to Avoid It

Students learn about plagiarism at an early age.   They are all schooled with the risks of being a “copycat. “ Such acts can mean a zero grade and maybe even expulsion. Most adults recognize that plagiarism is a black mark when it comes to integrity and reputation. Originality is key …


Confessions of a Seasoned Ghostwriter: An Interesting Perspective

As a professional writer, I seldom write in the first person.  The truth is that in many cases, I am a ghostwriter.  Frankly, only a select few know I am responsible for what they read.  Alas, I seldom get the credit for my words. Make no mistake.  I would love …

Content marketing

What You Need to Know about Content Marketing

If you’re in any type of business, you need to know about content marketing.  Not sure what we mean?  We’ll give you some insight. Content marketing pertains to your online presence.  It’s your opportunity to develop your brand.  Showcase your business.  Do it through blogs.  Social media.  Videos. There’s an …

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