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The job market is still tight.  The perfect resume might open a few doors.  However, exactly what is the perfect resume?  How important is it?

In this case, perfection is often in the eyes of the audience.  After all, prospective employers are the ones who will pick up your condensed life story and decide whether to crumble it or make use of it.  Here are some important considerations:

  • Prepare alternative resumes for different positions.  A person who has theater aspirations might not want to highlight that experience when applying for an office job.  The prospective employer may assume the applicant is out the door the minute Broadway calls.
  • Keep it short, but detailed.  There is truth that few want to read beyond the first page.  Sadly, some will not make it past your initial credentials.  Resumes should be two pages maximum.
  • Optimize your resume with keywords and action verbs that will allow your resume to make it past computer scanning programs designed to cull out suitable candidates.
  • Check your spelling.  Check your grammar.  Check your facts.  Issues with the foregoing are all reasons the hiring authority may move on to the next candidate.

There are many templates on the internet that assist with the creation of resumes.  However, the problem is that these resumes often lack unique qualities.  In order to make it to the top of a pile of potential candidates, a resume must be concise and informative.  A perfect resume will be a summary of an individual’s skills, education, and experience.

In addition to the perfect resume, it is important to prepare a suitable cover letter.  It is rarely a good idea to prepare a standard cover letter for all applications.  Instead, the cover letter should provide a brief explanation about your credentials and how they will benefit the prospective employer.

At Writefully Inspired, we prepare resumes and cover letters for individuals with all types of work experience.  This includes entry-level employees to executives and other professionals.  Contact us to see how we can help you write the perfect resume.

The Perfect Resume
Article Name
The Perfect Resume
In today's job market, it is important to have the perfect resume. Here are some useful tips to make sure yours is up to par.

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