The Problem with Not Writing Things Down

There’s a problem with not writing things down.  Not as daily reminders.  But, as forever memories.

Untold stories leave questions.  Unshared legacies.

writing things downThe jewelry box is labeled with an inscription to my now deceased mother.  It reads the “Family Connection.”

I keep it hidden away from my other valuables.  I don’t want to risk it being stolen.

Surely, it holds a memory.

The problem?  I have no idea what the ring inside the box represents.

Nobody wrote anything down to preserve the legacy.

Trust me.  I have tried to find out its meaning.

A green stone.  Likely, a peridot.  The birthstone for August babies.

One of my sisters was born in August but died as a baby.  The ring would not be hers.

The ring is small.  As was my mother.   I don’t remember her ever wearing this ring.

The handwriting on the box is not my mom’s.  My guess is it was a treasure from another life.

A life I can only put together with conjecture because little was written down.

One day, my daughters will come across this ring and have the same questions.

If I ever find the answer to this ring’s significance, I will leave it behind.

After all, family connections are meant to live forever.

Writing Things Down Helps the Next Generation

My family isn’t the only one to leave unexplained memories behind. 

Consider this beautiful locket that I bought from an online auction.writing things down

I was attracted to it because of the multiple frames.

Only it came with a family of its own.

Do you know these people so carefully preserved for eternity?  Admittedly, I don’t.

I was teary when I considered the treasure I had picked up for just a few dollars.


I have a hard time figuring out how someone let this go.  Not the locket itself.

However, there are people with stories in this locket.

It’s doubtful that I will ever know about their lives.  But, I have not removed their pictures.

In a sense, they’ve become part of my memories.

Another untold story.

Preserving Legacies

Every family has a story.  So many fail to write them down.  If you need help preserving your legacy, Writefully Inspired can help you.  Yesterday’s stories are an important part of tomorrow’s joys.  Contact us if you need help writing yours.

PS – If you recognize the family in the locket, please let me know!


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