This is What Happens When Someone Chooses to Be Your Father

Editor’s Note:  We are pleased to share this wonderful story written by our own Christine M. Daneslon.  Christine speaks with love about someone very close to our own heart.

fatherTo some, family can be a sore subject.  For many, occasions like Father’s Day can be the hardest days of the year.  After all, they serve as a reminder that not everyone is blessed with their father still in the picture or even on this earth.   However, that’s not to say that someone great cannot be celebrated despite what seems like dismal circumstances.

However, still others have a different view of family.  They see it as a mix of people who do not share your DNA but still have that same sense of unconditional love.

For me, Father’s Day is a reminder that I have a man in my life who has CHOSEN to support me and love me unconditionally.

 I never really thought of the meaning of stepparent.  Apparently, it is quite literal.  It seems to suggest a person who is willing to “step up.”  My definition has a name; my step-dad, Rick.

My Father by His Choice

fatherLet me be clear.  My stepfather’s real name is Rick.   However, I assigned him the nickname “Rickybaby,” more than half my life ago.  It fits him perfectly.

Rick came into my life when I was fourteen years old.  For sure, walking into the shoes as a father for a teenage girl was not easy.  Admittedly, I may have uttered the phrase “You’re not my real dad!”  It might have only been one time, but he let it slide.

As a matter of fact, Rickybaby has always been understanding with open arms.

I have some very fond memories since the early days.  For one, there was the time Rickybaby took me on an audition.   I remember waiting for the callback.  And, it did come.   Only, it was for him.

It was within months of the September 11th tragedy.  At the time, Rick was a professional firefighter.  Somehow, his uniform shirt seemed to inspire the casting director.   My first audition landed Rickbaby a gig on an MTV commercial.

Ultimately, I did land a spot traveling the country with a Broadway tour. Rick will very proudly tell you that he has seen every single show I’ve been in since he has met me. And, yes, that even meant flying to several cities across the United States to watch me perform on the road.

fatherI cannot tell you how many times I have witnessed Rick tearing up with pride at one of my shows.   Truthfully, I do not remember one instance where he was not at an event.

 Rick will drop everything on the drop of a dime to help those he loves. He treats my mom like a queen.  He will do anything to make sure that she is happy and healthy.

Without question, Rickybaby has been a model man in my life. He has shown me my true value and how women should be treated by their spouse.

Some Very Fond Memories

It’s not just that Rick makes me feel like he is the leader of my fan club.  Be that as it may, I have so many incredible memories that make me laugh.

In college, I shared an apartment with three other girls.  As luck would have it, I accidentally locked myself out of my bedroom.  Of course, my step-dad, the firefighter, was the first person I called.

Rick said he’d be right over. Nonetheless, I was quite confused when a firetruck filled with his co-workers came parading into the apartment.

Rickybaby was not in sight.

 Be that as it may, Rick figured out a way to help.  He even told the guys I lived in a sorority house.  There was no problem finding a volunteer for that emergency!

Fast forward to just last summer.   Rick and I decided to go out on a fishing boat.  I was so excited to spend some quality time with him doing something we both love.father

Meanwhile, my stomach had slightly different plans.  Consequently, I spent the majority of our fishing expedition with my eyes closed inside of the boat.

Rickybaby made sure to use that Kodak moment and took a great picture of me.  He also told me I missed a huge whale doing a backflip in the ocean (I still don’t know if I fully believe him on this, or if he was just trying to make me jealous). 

A Good Choice for a Father

Rick is a sensitive soul.  All things considered, he is softer-spoken but has a humorous personality.  Rick can talk about any subject for at least twenty minutes or more.  Additionally, he enjoys fixing and creating things around the house and has a magnificent green thumb.

If you want to know how something works, Rick is your go-to guy.  He loves to watch horse racing and listen to Howard Stern, By the same token, Rick can quickly return to his youth and enjoy a great marching band show.

Arguably, Rick is more passionate about politics than most and cares about human rights.

Although we may not share the same eyes, or have the same smile, I will always be so incredibly proud to be called Rick’s daughter.   His choice is mine as well.

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This is What Happens When Someone Chooses to Be Your Father
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This is What Happens When Someone Chooses to Be Your Father
When someone chooses to be your father, it is an amazing feeling. Here, a young woman expresses gratitude to her special stepdad.
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