The Truth about Social Media: It Can Cost You

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Without a doubt, you’re likely not forking out any hard earned dollars to glean social media content.  Yet, you should know it can cost you.  And, we’re talking potential big time losses.

social mediaIt’s no secret that social media can be the piranha of communication.  Disagree with someone?  You risk being bitten alive or swallowed whole.  Okay, maybe not so literally.

Reputation.  Whether it’s business or personal, your online persona carries a hefty price tag.  All things considered, you can watch yours dissolve.  Disintegrate even.

First and foremost, online bullying isn’t just reserved for the young and immature.  Think of what happens at the expense of others.

Some consider friendships to be priceless.  Yet, only one social media post can find you “unfriended”.  How is that even a word? 

Had a bad day at work?  Maybe that public rant isn’t such a good idea.  Maybe it might just get you unemployed.  And, unemployed is a very real word.

Be that as it may, social media can cost you. 

Some Random Thoughts on Social Media Etiquette

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We initially grimaced when someone proclaimed that we had defied the laws of social media etiquette. We frown on cursing.  As a matter of fact, we politely refrained from attack.  However, we dared to disagree.  Above all, we did so politely.

The angered individual first unfriended us.  Consequently, we he blocked our communications.  And removed from a bulletin board that had nothing to do with anything we posted.   Alas, a flagrant display of cyber muscle.

Social media etiquette?  We agree that there should be some sense of decorum in all forms of communication.  We’ll provide you with some suggestions and invite your discussion:

  1. Some people consider their Facebook pages their personal property. Why put up something debatable and not accept comments?  Perhaps it’s best to unfollow people rather than risk their wrath.
  2. Have a LinkedIn presence? Maybe it’s not the place to put up silly memes or political rants.  LinkedIn is intended for business.  And, we don’t mean monkey business.
  3. More of a picture kind of person?  Instagram. Snapchat.  They may be fun.  But, remember everything follows you.  We’re talking forever.
  4. Twitter wars? What’s the point? Your tone on any social media platform sets the tenor of how people view you or your professional venture.
  5. Vulgarity has no place on social media. Not personal.  Not business.  Write as though your aging grandmother is standing over you with a wooden spoon.  Tasteful, not tasteless.
  6. Privacy settings. Learn them.  Use them.  And know that despite all efforts, nothing is really secure on the World Wide Web.    The internet is a public forum.
  7. Think outside the box and inside it. Treat others how you want them to treat you.  Unless you don’t care how you are perceived.
  8. Resist the temptation to tag and share and overshare. Oversharing can find you abandoned and ignored.
  9. Consider your online persona as precious as your business one. Treasure it.  Think before you post.
  10. Your thoughts and opinions are valuable. But, remember.  Social media can cost you.

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The Truth about Social Media: It Can Cost You
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The Truth about Social Media: It Can Cost You
Social media represents many benefits, but also risks. Make sure your social media posts are not costing you dollars or angst.
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