Warning! Astonishing Ways Resumes Sabotage Job Prospects

resumes sabotageYou just don’t understand why no one is calling you in for an interview. After all, you tailored your resume from a template you found online. That in itself could be a problem. In fact, you might be surprised at some of the astonishing ways resumes sabotage job prospects.

Here’s the first thing to consider. Time matters. According to a survey from The Ladders, most recruiters only give your resume a six-second overview. Yes, just six seconds.

Six seconds isn’t a whole lot of time to make an impression.  In fact, it might take you longer to tie a Windsor knot or respond to an email requesting a job interview.

The bottom line is your resume needs to give you curb appeal before anyone considers going into your house….or inviting you into to see if you’re a good fit for their company.

Be Original

You can Google almost any job title and come up with a sample resume. However, just because you’ve found one online doesn’t make it a worthy source. In fact, you might not realize it, but there’s a chance that your resume is nearly identical to other submittals.

Recruiters aren’t looking to charge you with copyright infringement for “borrowing” a resume. Nevertheless, boilerplate resumes are up there with worthless.resume sabotages

Think about what you’ve done that added value to your current employer’s business. For example, if you’ve exceeded your sales quota year after year, reference percentages. Distinctive differences set you apart from other applicants.

Keep in mind – Your resume should be original, but truthful.

Be Truthful

One clear way to sabotage job prospects is a lack of integrity. Your story needs consistency. Moreover, your resume acts as a synopsis of your work history and experience. Think of it as the blurb that appears on the book jacket – inviting the reader to learn more.

Prospective employers want the facts…and not inflated ones. Don’t make up educational achievements that don’t exist. Don’t play around with employment dates with hopes no one will check. Assuredly, companies make a living checking resume truths. Small fibs equal job offer rescinds more often than you want to know.

Meanwhile, don’t embellish your skills to unrealistic expectations.

Consider the individual who lists Advanced Excel skills on their resume. One problem. The applicant can’t set up basic formulas. Clearly, there will be issues when the prospective employer anticipates little to no learning curve.

Focus on Action

The world uses technology to do everything. All things considered, you should suspect this also applies to recruiting efforts. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) review resumes before real people even see them.

For starters, that means your resume needs to fit the criteria set up by the recruiter. Your resume needs to focus on action words. Saying you assume responsibility for…or have the ability to do…shows just about nothing.

What you have done demonstrates what you can do for prospective employers.

More Ways Resumes Sabotage Job Prospects

resumes sabotageProofread your resume before you send it out the door. Of course, you obviously want to check for spelling and grammar errors. However, you should also check for the following:

  • Have you included both a phone contact and email address?
  • Is your resume under two pages?
  • Have you provided dates for your employment history?
  • Does your resume include key accomplishments?

Can’t decide whether to include your photo on your resume? The short answer is a resounding no! According to our recruiter connections, there’s no point to taking up the extra space. In fact, it may give some the impression that you believe your looks will get you in the door.

However, that’s not to say that your LinkedIn profile should go without a professional photograph. While we’re on the subject of social networking, make sure you are consistent. More than likely, prospective employers will check you out to see how you connect with others.

An out of date or inconsistent LinkedIn profile can also hurt your job prospects.

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Warning! Astonishing Ways Resumes Sabotage Job Prospects
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Warning! Astonishing Ways Resumes Sabotage Job Prospects
Resumes sabotage job prospects in more ways than you can imagine. Learn what to avoid before you submit your employment application.
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