What Happens When You Decide to Publicly Express Gratitude?


Admittedly, it’s become a rather unintentional experiment.  A personal, yet public one.  Like me, you might be surprised to learn what happens when you decide to publicly express gratitude.

Social media offers a plethora of opportunities.  For many, it acts as a forum for political debate.  On the other hand, it’s a place to share recipes and brag about accomplishments.  Old photographs and new ones are often featured on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.  By and large, the pictures often speak for themselves.

Gratitude is often referenced, but how often is it done on an individual basis?  How about 365 Days of Individualized Thanks?  Could you do it?  Can you find a year’s worth of nice things to highlight about that many people?

An Annual Gratitude Campaign

First and foremost, I admit that my commitment to showing personal gratitude intentionally features the living.  It is dedicated to someone who passed; she went through life making everyone else feel good.  What better tribute to her than to publicly acknowledge what I see as the gifts I’ve received from others?

gratitudeI’ve chosen to make my gratitude known on Facebook.  Each and every day, I mention someone and try to share a photograph with me or someone else who is dear.  I haven’t chosen a particular order.

To my delight, I often receive a wonderful message in return.

It’s not the words that tell me how wonderful I am.  One was a text message that told me “I brought tears to her eyes.”  Another was a young friend’s note that “I made his week.”  Still another was that “Your post made me smile.”

All words letting me know I hit the mark.

Admittedly, there’s one more thing.

My decision to expression appreciation often has a bandwagon effect.   Others join in and their own notes of gratitude.

Tricked down thanks does not imply less gratitude.  It adds to it.

Gratitude makes other feel better about their own turmoil.  Perhaps it even allows some people to put away their veil of insecurity.   At the very least, it makes them feel appreciated.

Everyone Likes Gratitude

My original goal was to merely show gratefulness.   I find that positive messages are a good way to start a day.   Admittedly, 365 days is a lot.

However, you come in contact with that many people over the course of a year.

Unless, of course, you may be a recluse.   Perhaps you’ve removed yourself from society.

All the more reasons to look for gratitude.

You might have a terrible life.   I understand sadness.  I’ve had plenty of it. And, I am not trying to invalidate yours.

However, I strongly believe that my attitude concerning gratitude is a good antidote for despondency.

gratitudeIt makes me feel good to make others feel appreciated.

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What Happens When You Decide to Publicly Express Gratitude?
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What Happens When You Decide to Publicly Express Gratitude?
Expressing gratitude is good for you and the recipient. Can you somehow let others know how you feel? Try this!
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