What in the World Does It Mean to Be “Writefully Inspired?”

By Stephanie A. Faughnan, Director – Writefully Inspired

Believe it or not, Writefully Inspired represents more than a clever play on words. It’s my life motto.

Writefully Inspired

As the company founder, I seldom make things personal when I write something. After all, a significant part of my business focuses on ghostwriting for companies and individuals needing my help with resumes or other means of expression.


Today’s blog acts as an exception. I want you to learn a bit about me and why I left a six-figure job to become a less than famous writer.

My first writing award came when I was in the sixth grade. It brings back recollections of a nun hovering over my head. She ordered the entire classroom to write a prayer that would be entered into a contest.

Yes, I believe that rightfulness comes from divine inspiration.  However, my attitude takes the definition further.

Surprise. Surprise. The Knights of Columbus selected me as a winner. The organization insisted that my father accompany me to receive my watch. Talk about awkward. My father was my stepfather, and I was pretty sure he didn’t even like me.

Age serves as a great teacher. That is, at least it has – for me. And, once again – I return to the whole concept that I am Writefully Inspired.

At the end of last year, my stepfather (who later legally adopted me and became my father) passed away. His death reminded me of the ups and downs of my life. Candidly, that includes my relationship with him, which frankly recognized how hard it was to raise someone else’s children.

Writefully Inspired: It’s About Rightfulness

If you look up the definition for rightfulness, you’ll discover it’s about doing what’s just and proper. Although I’ve never really considered it before, it adds to the reason I find it interesting to write blogs for a number of law firms. After all, I find it rightful to search for justice.

In the meantime, there are other motivators in my life. Unimaginable tragedies – international atrocities – that hit home closer than I wish to reveal. So horrific, that my book of truth waits to become a work of historical fiction.

I believe we have choices. In my case. I can get buried in the pain. Or, I can decide to rise above it.

It’s not just the big things either. Like many people, I fight my own challenges. However, I stand by the notion that my battles pale in comparison to those others face.

In my quest to be rightfully inspired, I take a positive approach.  My personal social media posts reflect the mindset I resurrect daily.

I strive to do what I consider rightful – by passing on messages to inspire others.

I once devoted a whole year to 365 Days of Gratitude. To me, gratitude and kindness reflect my life purpose.

It’s not as if I haven’t experienced my share of regrets. However, like Frank Sinatra once sang, they’re too few to mention. Admittedly, some stemmed from my own mistakes in judgment.

These days, I try to live in the moment instead of reveling in the past. I also know that what happens tomorrow won’t change if I waste time worrying about it.

A Perpetual Student: Of Life and More

All things considered, I think of myself as a perpetual student. My writing business requires plenty of research on topics that don’t necessarily interest me. However, it’s more than just learning about facts and figures.

People tell me I am smart. However, I’m not always so sure they are right. It’s not just what you learn in books that add to your level of intelligence.

Writefully Inspired
Inspiration from my daughters

These days some of my most important lessons come from my two daughters. My oldest juggles a career as a title officer with more critical work. She is a wonderful wife and raising two little men who are filled with love.

And, then there’s my baby. She gave up a booming show business career (complete with television appearances and a Broadway tour.)  She advocates for families in need and does one-on-one therapy sessions to help others heal from their pain.

Both of my daughters blossomed into adult women who offer solutions as part of their professional and personal lives. It amazes me how much smarter they turned out than me.

Writefully Inspired
My Encouraging Husband

Any good writer feels everything. In a life previously filled with drama, I craved peace. In fact, it’s what makes my marriage work. Add to that how grateful I am that my husband encouraged me to pursue my passion and start writing professionally.

It always amazes me when people admire my strength and resilience. I believe both are tied to my recognition of my own mortality. I’ve struggled with it since I lost my first sister when I was twelve years old. Yvonne didn’t make it to her second birthday.

Writefully Inspired
My loving sister

I felt my own mortality again when I lost another sister. I thank God every day for the one who still remains. As the oldest, I can’t help but wonder why the other two left for the heavens before me.

Another inspirational message. There is no such thing as immortality. At least, not here on earth.

Make the best of your time here.  Listen and learn. Inspire others.

When You Need a Professional Writer

So, there you have it. At the helm of Writefully Inspired, you’ll discover a truly feeling human being whose mission focuses on inspiring others. I’m more than happy to help you in your quest for doing the same. Contact me to learn more.

What in the World is "Writefully Inspired"?
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What in the World is "Writefully Inspired"?
As a professional writing service, Writefully Inspired seeks to bring out the best by using the right words. Learn what inspires the company's director.
Writefully Inspired

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