When a Life Tribute Brings You to Tears

life tributeJust about everyone recognizes the value of a life tribute.   Yet, many struggle with putting together their words.   Grief has a habit of getting in the way.  Meanwhile, it is a task that must be done.

Frustration.  Guilt.  Remorse.  Obligation.  Love.

Let’s face it.  Understandably, these are all emotional tears when it comes to memorizing a loved one.  You cannot allow the passing from earth to go without a tribute to the departed one’s life.

You give it a go on your own.  Arguably, only you know what you want to say.  However, the words refuse to cooperate.  No doubt you feel like you’re doing an injustice to someone you loved.  As a consequence, you reach out for help.

Searching for a Life Tribute Writer

At Writefully Inspired, our biggest compliment is to take on writing a life tribute.   If you read our last article, you will note that we have strong feelings about expressing gratitude to those who still walk the earth.  And, there’s a reason.

Our ability to write life tributes stems from our own pain and loss.  Experience is a knowledgeable teacher. By the same token, our journalistic training has given us the tools to ask the right questions.

Writing a Life Tribute requires an understanding of the deceased.

Most recently, we received a request for a Life Tribute from a sister in mourning.  She wanted to write something that would capture her dearly departed sister’s memory.  For some reason, the words just wouldn’t come to her.

The request for our help came with an immediate deadline.  We were back to the surviving sister in short time.  With the client’s permission, we are honored to share Isabella’s legacy.

Life Tribute to Isabella

life tributeLife doesn’t work out always as we plan.  For, of course, our destiny is determined by the heavens above.  I say these words in reflecting on my dear sister Isabella’s passing.

Isabella had big ideas.  She graduated nursing school in our native Cameroon.  More than anything, Isabella wanted to help care for people.   Her goal was to come to the United States and nurse those who needed attention.   Isabella was by far one of the most loving people on earth.

However, things don’t always go the way we want them to.  Isabella did come to the US.  Only, she came here seeking medical treatment of her own.  And, sadly died just nine months later.

We are a family of nine siblings.  Isabella was our youngest, and Willie’s twin.  Out of our family’s three sisters, I was the next oldest girl to my sweet baby Isabella.

I have fond memories of our youth in our homeland.   In the beginning, I may have carried a bit of resentment.  After all, I was an adolescent when Isabella and I first started to really spend time together.  If I wanted to go out to play with my friends, I was forced to carry her on my back.  It surely interfered with my good times.

Of course, those are mere childhood memories.   I came to the United States in 1985.  Although Isabella was part of the family I left behind in Cameroon, we saw each other every year.   Isabella was industrious.  She didn’t just go to nursing school.  My ambitious sister also owned a lovely shop.

Admittedly, La Bella was more about earning a livelihood than anything else.   Isabella kept the store well stocked with ladies and men’s clothing and footwear.   During her ten years in business, Isabella worked hard.

Isabella Cared for Others

Isabella’s passion for taking care of others was far more important than her shop.

Indeed, it was the reason Isabella made sure to do well in her nursing studies.  She had a plan.

My sister was beyond special.  She did not have children of her own.  Yet, she treated her nieces and nephews as though she gave birth to them.  Even on her deathbed, Isabella stressed her desire to invest in their educations.   She knew it was the key to their success.

We always look for reasons in God’s plan.  We can search for them until eternity.   Why was my sister taken so young?  And, what lessons did her passing bring?

For me, the answers started with Isabella’s relocation to the states.  Our bond was rejuvenated with force.  Isabella and I lived on separate continents for more than half of her life.   Our annual visits were entirely too short.

A Legacy of Understanding

In the nine months my sister came to stay with me, I received an education not available in any school of learning.   I honestly believe that Isabella made me a better person.life tribute

Her strength and faith were beyond comprehension.  Despite her frailty, Isabella somehow allowed her trust in the Lord to help her overcome even her worst pain.  At times, she seemed fearless.

But, that wasn’t all.  Isabella was patient and kind.  She was accepting of what seemed inevitable.  I admit that I was angry that my dear sister was hit with the disease that took her life.  Isabella encouraged me to see past that which remains unexplained.

The whole concept of forgiving and forgetting is a core part of our faith.   Not everyone can master either skill so easily.  However, Isabella knew that both would give her peace, as well as those who hurt her.

Things weren’t always so serious with Isabella.  There were the days that she watched Court TV for hours to pass away the time.   She was often amused by those who sought their television moments of justice.

On many occasions, Isabella would graphically describe those involved in disputes.   She did so in a funny way.  Her impersonations made the people come into our living room.  They say that laughter is a great form of medicine.   Isabella doled it out regularly.

As I share these words about my darling departed sister, I search for the strength and faith she left me.  Her legacy is not just in her education of the young family members she helped.  I, too, will forever hold her memories and lessons in my heart.

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When a Life Tribute Brings You to Tears
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When a Life Tribute Brings You to Tears
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