Why Your Business Needs to Use Social Media

social media Your website is out of this world.  Great copy.  Lots of links.   Fantastic search engine optimization.  However, you’re not a big proponent of social media.  Why not?

You could make the excuse that social media posts take too much time.  After all, there are so many of them now, that putting up pictures, videos, and words could take forever.

Maybe you think social media is too invasive.  If you’re worried about too much exposure, you might want to rethink your business plan.

All things considered, you might think it’s just better to buy premium ads.  Candidly, you can also try sponsored ads on many of the social media platforms as well.

Social Media and Portion Control

You don’t always have to eat the whole pie in order to be content. Like any other marketing resource, social media should be utilized to its full advantage based on how it could help your particular company.

The idea might be to just taste test in the beginning.

For starters, you should know there are 15 major social media marketing vehicles to which organizations can turn in order to boost their social engagement.  Meanwhile, it’s very rarely that any business chooses all of them.

The trick is to pick and choose engagement options that work best for your industry and your business. This will very often be contingent on your long-term goals, budget and the resources you have to maintain your campaign. For example, the last thing you want is to start a video campaign on YouTube and let it die on the vine because there’s no one there to maintain it after its initial launch.

The Biggies in Social Media

With all of the social media options out there to help you grow your business, it’s worth taking a look at the most successful options and their capabilities.

  • Facebook – No-brainer, right? At the end of June, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the social media juggernaut had over two billion active users. Be that as it may that equates to practically a third of the planet.

Consequently, it would seem that anything with this level of popularity is something your company should utilize.  After all, you can limit yourself to free advertising through simple video posts and blogs.  Additionally, your other options include customized paid ad campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

Facebook ad campaigns help you measure results, change your strategy on the fly and target new audiences on a regular basis.  Once again, posting daily or weekly videos and blogs for free make a Facebook presence more than worth it.social media

  • YouTube – For many businesses, video is king in the social media marketing universe. Not only does it create a face and personality for your company, but it also clearly explains the scope of your products and services. It just so happens that with 1.5 billion users, YouTube is the place where video marketing comes to live and thrive.

 Accordingly, you might want to start a channel and post for free.  Alternatively, you should consider using You Tube’s paid services to increase your visibility and target specific audiences on popular videos.  Without question, done right, YouTube pays for itself.

  • Instagram –  No doubt a picture is worth a thousand words.  And, for your company, it could be worth even more dollars. Instagram is unquestionably the largest photo-sharing app.  Therefore, it makes sense to create sponsored ads to maximize engagement and visibility.

More on Social Media Platforms

social mediaComing in at numbers four and five are social media mainstays Reddit and Twitter. However, the rankings are just as far as public exposure.   Every business should create a Linked In profile.  Moreover, you should consider placing articles on Linked In.

In addition, make sure you post to Google Plus.  You may find your rankings increase in search engines when you do so.

Once again, you may feel challenged and confused by all the social media platform.  Where will you ever find the time to post them all?  Candidly, that’s when it pays to consult with a professional writer who understands the benefits of social media.

Still focused on doing it on your own?  At this point, you should know there are supplemental tools that allow you to post to multiple social media channels simultaneously.  For instance, HootSuite and the content management system Drupal are great assets.  As a matter of fact, HootSuite is ideal for those without a web development background.

Your Thoughts, Our Words

Bottom line?  You need to maximize your visibility, convey the right message and choose which options are best for you. Writefully Inspired is prepared to help you fully engage with your target audience through informative, eloquent, compelling and friendly social media posts. Contact our team today to learn more.

Why Your Business Needs to Use Social Media
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Why Your Business Needs to Use Social Media
With at least 15 social media platforms, your business needs the exposure. Blogs, videos and pictures can tell the story for your company
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