A Writer’s Tips to Great Blogs


Writers and blogs

What compels a writer to blog? Some blog to provide information or entertainment.  Others do it to vent their opinions/agendas.  Many blog to promote their business and gain higher ranking in web searches.  Still others view blogging as a way to showcase their expertise.  Bloggers all have one goal.  They want to attract an audience who will appreciate their work. Consider these simple tips from a professional writer.

  • Blog length: Make sure your blog is at least 250 words.  Limit it to 500 words.  Somewhere in the middle normally works best.
  • Write about what you know best: You may have heard this before.  A writer has less chance for writer’s block when they are passionate about their subject.  Blog about things important to you.
  • Keep up with Current Events: One of our most received blogs was written about Robin William’s death.  In truth, it had little to do with a professional writing service.  Nevertheless, the blog attracted a great deal of attention to our site.
  • Use Keywords: If you want others to find your blogs, determine your relevant keywords.  Include them at least three times in your piece.  However, make sure the usage is in context.  Search engines will easily determine your scheme if you insert keywords inappropriately.
  • Consider your audience: If your blogs are intended for the general public, write for them.  Save your scientific terminology for audiences who will understand the sophisticated language.
  • Blog Title: Choose a title that sums up the blog and entices someone to click to read it.  Ensure that you are using words from the title in the first paragraph of your blog.  Try to limit the title to 70 characters.  This length works best for search engine optimization.
  • Call to Action: What is a call to action?  It may be as simple as soliciting opinions concerning your blog’s content.  It can be a suggestion to contact your business.  The object is to keep the reader engaged to the next level.

In order to attract attention, it is important to blog regularly. Some of our clients at Writefully Inspired request daily blogs.  Others limit to particular days.  We feel that it is imperative that business concerns blog at least once monthly.  Otherwise, web content may appear dated and ineffective.  Need help writing blogs?  Contact us at info@writefullyinspired.com or call 908 925-0167.

A Writer’s Tips to Great Blogs
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A Writer’s Tips to Great Blogs
Every writer knows that blogs are an important part of today's communications. Consider these tips from Writefully Inspired when writing your blog or hiring someone to blog for you.

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