Writing a Resume that Will Help Skyrocket Your Career Change

resumePeople need resumes for a variety of reasons.  And, regardless of the field, a well-written resume is crucial.  There are two types of prospective employees that invariably get stuck when it comes to writing a resume.  First, there’s the person with absolutely no work experience.  And then, there are those with extensive employment history.  Only problem?  They want to make a career change.

As experienced resume writers, we have seen a great many people who want out of their current profession.  For example, there’s the paralegal who confides she’s simply had it with working for attorneys.  (No insult on our part intended to the legal profession.)

Sometimes, the transferal of skills and work experience can seem like a stretch.  For certain, it felt that way for the young man looking to move from his job as a pizza maker and delivery guy.  He had aspirations of an entry level banking position.

Our resume got him the interview.  He landed the job.


The real trick is doing a deep dive into skills and experience.  And, it just might take a professional to make you realize what you have to offer.

Resume Tactics

For sure, you’ve heard the basic rules.  You know you need to condense your resume to one or two pages.  In the alternative, you’re either being repetitive or suggesting you flit from job to job.

resumeOf course, there’s more.   The age of technology is all about keywords.   Yes, there are software applications known as application tracking systems (ATS).  For further insight, you might want to look at some ATS suggestions targeted to personnel departments.

You should know that you might not make it for consideration just because you failed to use the right keywords.  Or, used the wrong ones.

And, then there’s the issue with including a photograph on your resume.  One of our favorite recruiters tells us just how well that tactic works.  In fact, he suggests it’s the quickest route to the proverbial round file.

If you’re changing jobs, you need to be strategic about naming skills that are easily transferrable.  Not so easy?   No doubt there’s a way for you to do it with a tailored cover letter.  Once again, that’s something an experienced writer can draft on your behalf.

And, that’s another issue for consideration.   In almost all cases, a generic letter is easily recognizable.  And, just as much a game killer.

One last thing.  Take a look at your profile on social networks. At the very least, check your LinkedIn exposure.   Assuredly, someone offering you an interview will seek to make sure you are consistent.

We Can Help

You may be under the impression that your resume is a do it yourself project.  At Writefully Inspired, we can tell you otherwise.  Without question, the cost of a professional resume writer is a worthy investment.  Call us to see how we can help!

Writing a Resume that Will Help Skyrocket Your Career Change
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Writing a Resume that Will Help Skyrocket Your Career Change
Looking to make a career change? Your resume is crucial to getting you an interview. A professional writer can help get you in the door!
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