Writing an Annual Remembrance

I recently read an interesting idea; it suggested writing a letter to your child each year and enclosing money in the envelope containing the communication.  The premise was to present the collection as a graduation gift.  It almost sounded like a fantastic proposition.

I thought about it.  Words are invaluable.  However, at 18, not every young person will bother to read the years of thoughts and wisdom.  They will be too busy scooping out the cash.

My children are long grown; however, I could certainly start this project for my grandchildren.  Nevertheless, I have come up with an alternative plan.  I cannot get back yesterday, when I shortchanged my daughters by not keeping a well-documented baby book.  Now that maturity has set in (and senility has not), I can attempt to make up for the past.

My proposal?  I will start an annual journal for everyone dear to me, handwritten, of course.  It appears that I will be buying marble composition notebooks in bulk.  I will not limit my musings to just my offspring.  Instead, I will create books for everyone dear to me.  (Thank goodness, I find pleasure in writing out my thoughts!)

This venture will be an annual journal of sorts.  It will be just a couple of pages about the state of the world, my personal relationship with the intended reader, as well as a perpetuation of memorable events.  It will most definitely be an overall piece of positive prose.  My goal is to make the entries around the birthdays of loved ones.  My aim is to continue this through the end of my life.  My intention is to leave a priceless legacy as a reminder of a wonderful existence.

I would love feedback on this idea.  Is it something worthy of your consideration?

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