Writing an Obituary

writing an obituary

It sounds like a morbid thought, but there may come a time where writing an obituary can become a reality.  Of course, the newspapers will run a standard obituary.  However, many times the death of a loved one warrants more than a few simple words.  You can write the obituary yourself or employ a service such as Writefully Inspired.

In order to put together a well-written obituary, you must have access to certain information.  To begin with, here are some details to pull together:

  • Date and birthplace of the decedent
  • Age at time of death
  • Where the decedent lived at time of death
  • Any military service
  • Decedent’s education
  • Decedent’s occupation
  • Surviving relatives

At this point, you have acquired just the information that appears in a standard obituary.  Here are some other bits of documentation that will turn the obituary into more than just a simple read:

  • Special awards received by the loved one
  • Decedent’s hobbies
  • Various places where decedent lived
  • Exceptional talents
  • Short anecdotal tales
  • Treasured pets

These are just a few examples of items that are appropriate to weave into an obituary.  Some choose to include information regarding the manner in which the decedent passed.  Others may elect to eliminate the cause.  Still others may be general and just refer to the length of the illness.

It is important to proofread information submitted for publication to make sure it is accurate and makes good sense.  This is a highly emotional time and stress makes room for errors.

Some publications will also allow photographs of the decedent.  Cost is an important factor.  Many newspapers have specific charges allocated for obituary placement.  For example, the New York Times has a specific price allocated for online death notices.  For $79, they will accept submittal of 500 words and a photograph of the decedent.  (500 words are approximately one and a half pages of single spaced text.)

The best-written obituaries ironically bring a little life back to the decedent.  They often bring a tear to the eye or a smile to the audience reading them.  If you need help during this difficult time, please call us for assistance at 908 925-0167.

Writing An Obituary
Article Name
Writing An Obituary
The death of a loved one is difficult to deal with on many levels. Writing an obituary can be a hard task, but easier with these simple hints.

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